With over twenty years' experience in creative leadership, I provide the management, conception, design, production, and delivery of live experiences such as opening ceremonies; halftime shows; music tours and concerts; and immersive installations.

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Develop a creative brief, schedule and budget that identifies the clients’ strategic, creative and financial needs.


Devise a concept that addresses these needs, and is achievable within the schedule and budget.


Develop this concept into actionable design, including spatial design, video design, system design and Run of Show.


Implement this design, on time and on budget, sourcing and supervising all key crew and vendors.


Duquette Animatic

A design concept for a 16,000sf private residence. Designed by Hutton Wilkinson at Duquette Studios; drafted, modeled, and rendered by Timothy Durant.

Client: Duquette Studios
Role: Modeler/Renderer
Date: Summer 2021

U. Michigan 9/11 Halftime Show

Working with Michigan Marching Band Director Dr. John Pasquale and Associate Director Dr. Richard Frey, I designed a 9/11 halftime show that used 146 props, 420 blacklight costumes, and 654 wearable LED’s to create a memorable narrative experience for 108,345 fans at “the Big House.”

Client: Michigan Marching Band
Role: Producer-Designer
Date: 9/11/2021


Client: Durant Design
Role: Producer
Date: 2020

Comedy By Blake

Pistons power forward Blake Griffin hosts an annual comedy fundraiser for his charitable foundation. 2018’s installment featured the talents of Bill Burr, Ali Wong, and Michelle Wolf. Produced by Tom Steel of Sunscreen & Sawdust, presented by Red Bull.

Client: Sunscreen & Sawdust/Red Bull
Role: Set Designer
Date: September 2018

Doritos Blaze The Beat

New Creatures’ third installment in the epic Doritos saga featured a series of hip-hop hopefuls, under the watchful eye of headliner Wiz Khalifa and Chief Justice Busta Rhymes.

Client: New Creatures
Role: Show Producer & Stage Designer
Date: September 2018

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017

4U2C and I worked again with OBO’s René Célestin, Romain Tardy and Guillaume Cottet to produce the video content for the 2017 VSFS in Shanghai.

Client: Kingdom/OBO/4U2C
Role: Video Producer
Date: November 21, 2017

OK Go “Hungry Ghosts” Tour

Working with the band, Mary Fagot and Peter Glantz, I helped to design and execute the stage experience for cult US band OK Go. The design included lighting (by Cory Fitzgerald and Alex Picard), video projection (front/downstage and rear/upstage), black light, bubble machines and, of course, lots of confetti.

Client: OK Go
Role: Creative Producer
Date: 2016

NFL Experience

Working with 4U2C and Cirque du Soleil, I produced this 4D theatre show, consisting of video, surround sound, motion seating and special effects.

Client: 4U2C/Cirque du Soleil
Role: Theatre Producer
Date: November 18, 2017

University of the Pacific

I was the creative producer of this short celebration of U. Pacific. Projected on the iconic Burns Tower, the event was nominated for 2 ILEA Esprit Awards.

Client: Stratelyst Creative
Role: Creative Producer
Date: October 21, 2017

SXSW Bold Stage

From 2012-13, the SXSW Bold Stage hosted headline artists such as Lady Gaga, Ludacris and LL Cool J, but also up-and-coming bands such as Young Fathers and Modestep. As show producer, I designed the stage layout and signal path; hired vendors; and supervised all aspects of the stage, from design, management and production; from concept through to show day.

Client: New Creatures
Role: Show Producer
Date: 2013

U2: Joshua Tree Concert Film

Working with EP Emily Wolfe and Serial Pictures, I liaised between Anton Corbijn’s 50-strong camera crew and Jake Berry’s 200-strong touring crew.

Client: Serial Pictures
Role: Tour Liaison
Date: September 22, 2017

XXII Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

PixMob distributed 40,000 infra-red medallions to the Sochi audience, creating a massive LED screen across the Fisht stadium. As the team’s creative director and producer, I designed and operated the video content transmitted to the medallions, and coordinated with both the Olympic clients and the PixMob team to deliver the experience.

Client: PixMob
Role: Creative Producer
Date: 2014
Viewers: 31 Million

Facebook Live: Imagine Dragons

On behalf of Telescope and Rocket Entertainment, I directed this multi-camera shoot for Imagine Dragons and the Tyler Robinson Foundation.

Client: Facebook Live/Telescope
Role: Director
Date: August 25, 2017

Steve Aoki “Aokify America” Tour

I worked with Steve and his Dim Mak Records team on three consecutive world tours. As tour director, I designed the set, comprised of five overhead LED screens; Versatile DJ booth; and of course his iconic A.O.K.I. LED letters. I also created the content to play in these surfaces. The tours were well received and helped establish Steve’s visual identity.

Client: Dim Mak
Role: Tour Director
Date: 2013

Avenged Sevenfold: “The Stage” Tour

Working with tour manager Jordan Coopersmith and 4U2C, I produced the video content for Avenged Sevenfold’s 2017 tour.

Client: 4U2C
Role: Creative Producer
Date: January 7, 2017

U. of Michigan Halftime Show

The 2013 season of night games gave the University of Michigan’s marching band an opportunity to intensify their football halftime show. Working with the band’s director and drill designer, I designed an LED lighting sequence for each of the band’s 400 performers. Using only the PixMob LED’s on each musician’s body, we created a memorable visual storyline for the 113,000 residents of “the Big House.”

Client: PixMob
Role: Creative Producer
Date: 2014

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016

On behalf of Kingdom, OBO and 4U2C, I worked with René Célestin and Romain Tardy to produce the video content for the 2016 VSFS in Paris.

Client: Kingdom/4U2C
Role: Video Producer
Date: November 30, 2016

Facebook Live: Lincoln Center

I directed this live, 18-hour, multi-camera, fly-on-the-wall documentary about one day at Lincoln Center – winner at the 9th Annual Shorty Awards (New York Times).

Client: Facebook Live/Telescope
Role: Director
Date: October 7, 2016
Viewers: 200,000

Hero Indian Soccer League

I was the creative producer for PixMob at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Hero Indian Soccer League. With their programmer Rafa Linares and project manager Sophie Blondeau, we synchronized 720 LED spheres to the mesmerizing Bollywood choreography. As they say in India – “Let’s nacho!”

Client: Showtime/PixMob
Role: Creative Producer
Date: October 1, 2016

Facebook Live: Stand Up To Cancer

For Telescope and Rocket Entertainment, I directed a multi-camera shoot for the Emmy-nominated Stand Up to Cancer web broadcast.

Client: Facebook Live/Telescope
Role: Director
Date: September 9, 2016

Doritos MixArcade

In association with Electronic Arts and Doritos, New Creatures built the world’s largest video arcade machine in downtown Los Angeles. Inside it, we previewed a couple of new video games, accompanied by artists such as Steve Aoki, Jazzy Jeff, and Empire of the Sun.

Client: New Creatures
Role: Show Producer
Date: June 14, 2016

CalTech Gala

Working for Stratelyst Creative and producer Jill Aske, we created all the still and animated visual content for CalTech’s 2016 gala event, where it was projected onto the 140′ tall Millikan Library.

Client: Stratelyst Creative
Role: Screens Designer
Date: April 28, 2016

28th Southeast Asian Games

I was PixMob’s producer and creative director at the 2015 South-East Asian Games in Singapore.

Client: PixMob
Role: Creative Director/Producer
Date: 2015

Borgore: “Buygore” Tour

I designed and commissioned an illuminated DJ booth and marquee letters for Borgore’s 2015 tour.

Client: The Solidman Group
Role: Set Designer
Date: 2015

WTA Opening Ceremony (2014-15)

I designed and produced the field-of-play and screens content for the Opening Ceremonies of the Women’s Tennis Association Finals, 2014 and 2015.

Client: Fiur Productions
Role: Screens Producer
Date: 2015

Bruno Mars: “Moonshine Jungle” Tour

I designed the screen content for lighting/production designer Cory FitzGerald on Bruno Mars’ MOONSHINE JUNGLE tour.

Client: Seven Design Works
Role: Screens Designer
Date: 2013

Sir Paul McCartney

I was fortunate enough to work for the incomparable Sir Paul McCartney, creating the visual content for ‘Blackbird,’ for his OUT THERE tour. Production design by Roy Bennett of Seven Design Works.

Client: Seven Design Works
Role: Screens Designer
Date: 2013

Miranda Lambert

I designed the screen looks (tattoos and stained-glass windows) for Miranda Lambert’s performance at the 2011 Academy of Country Music Awards.

Client: M•Dots/Fontastics
Date: 2010

Placido Domingo: Latin Person of the Year

I created the “Granada” backdrop for Placido Domingo’s performance at the 2010 Latin Grammys, where he received the Person of Year Award.

Client: M•Dots/Fontastics
Role: Screens Designer
Date: 2010

Aretha Franklin Tribute

I created the video content for this Grammys tribute performance, featuring Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera, Yolanda Adams, Martina McBride and Florence Welch.

Client: M•Dots/Fontastics
Role: Screens Designer
Date: 2011

Gears of War

I edited gameplay footage and other video elements for Sony’s E3 reveal of the new Gears of War.

Client: g-NET Media
Role: Screens Designer
Date: 2011

Battlefield: Hardline

I produced this live debut of Electronic Arts’ new first-person shooter, staged to match a scene from the game.

Client: g-NET Media
Role: Creative Producer
Date: 2014


I wrote and directed this 3D intro video for Lexus’ 2010 National Dealer Meeting, where the new Lexus LFA was revealed to the sales force.

Client: M•Dots/Fontastics
Role: Creative Producer
Date: 2010

Jeff Beck

We shot high-res photographs of classic guitars for Jeff Beck’s tribute to icon Les Paul.

Client: M•Dots/Fontastics
Role: Screens Designer
Date: 2010
Viewers: 22 Million

The Zac Brown Band

Our design for Zac Brown’s Grammy performance featured tattoos and radio frequencies.

Client: M•Dots/Fontastics
Role: Screens Designer
Date: 2010
Viewers: 22 Million

Daytime Emmys

We designed a lighting and particle look for Jimmy Fallon’s opening number.

Client: M•Dots/Fontastics
Role: Screens Designer
Date: 2010
Viewers: 5.6 Million

Willie Nelson

As Creative Producer for the 2012 CMT Awards, I worked with Wicked Liquid to design the animated smoke dynamics for Willie Nelson’s performance of “Roll Me Up.”

Client: Dempsey Productions
Role: Screens Designer
Date: 2012
Viewers: 3 Million


We are proud to have worked with designers, producers and directors such as: Butch Allen, Roy Bennett, Bob Bonniol, Jean-François Bouchard, Mac Chan, Justin Collie, Ken Delvo, Michael Dempsey, Cory Fitzgerald, Michael Fiur, Laura Frank, Peter Glantz, Olivier Goulet, Al Gurdon, Baz Halpin, Brock Hogan, Raj Kapoor, Tom Kenny, Chris Kuroda, Lee Lodge, Marilyn Lowey, John McGuire, Christien Methot, Shauna O’Brien, Martin Phillips, Juli Pritchard, Chris Smith, Amy Tinkham, and Allan Wells.

Selected artist clients include Arcade Fire, Bruno Mars, Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, Lady Gaga, LL Cool J, Neil Diamond, Sir Paul McCartney, Placido Domingo, Rihanna, Shinedown, and Train.



NFL Experience
Doritos BoldStage/MixArcade
Electronic Arts


XXII Winter Olympic Games (2014)
28th South East Asian Games (2015)
King Abdullah Sports City Opening Ceremony (2014)
NBA All-Star Weekend {2015)
University of Michigan Football Halftime Show (2014)
WTA World Finals (2014 & 2015)
Tortuga, Pemberton & Hangout Festivals (2013-15)
Pemberton Festival (2014)
Hangout Festival (2013)


Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: Shanghai (2017)
Facebook Live: A Day in the Life at Lincoln Center (2016)
Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: Paris (2016)
Facebook Live: Stand Up to Cancer (2016)
You Oughta Know (2014)
Billboard Awards (2014)
Stand Up to Cancer (2014)
Video Music Awards (2013)
Academy of Country Music Awards (2011-12)
Fashion Star (2011)
Grammy Awards (2014)
Primetime Emmy Awards (2010)
Video Game Awards (2010)


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News & Blog

Inflight to Montréal

Always an entertaining coworker.


Best dim sum ever.

Culver City

A tasty cake for a tasty tour.


Don’t cross the streams!

The Louvre

A surprisingly modern art wing at the Louvre.


Very pleased to be part of this exhibition at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery.


Good times atop Capitol Records

Mexico City

A cold night outside Mexico City.


A humbling day trip to the local temple.

Northeast United

Good luck tonight to the local Guwahatis!


Great to see old friends Harriet and Dom at their sweet new space. I especially liked their stairs.


Always good to be back in the UK.

Day 9: Venice

After almost 3,500 miles in nine days, we finally arrive in Venice. Durant Design is open for business!

L.A. Opera

A fascinating snoop around the LA Opera. Next stop: Macbeth.

Day 8: Snow Canyon SP

A long drive through Utah to a clear night sky over another beautiful State Park!

Day 6 Pt 2: Sinks Canyon SP

A beautiful detour in central Wyoming, to see a river that disappears underground.

Day 7-8: The Golden Spike

I’ve always been fascinated by photography and the railroads, so had to stop at the Golden Spike National Museum, to see where Muybridge’s buddy Leland Stanford connected the nation’s railroads.

Day 6 Pt 1: Mt. Rushmore

You can’t do a cross-country trip without seeing four giant president heads.

Day 4: Jackson, MN

“I’m goin’ to Jackson, I’m gonna mess around,” sang Johnny Cash. That must have been a different Jackson, because I just cooked some carrots and couscous, and went to bed. I’ve officially used my camping stove more in four days than my Montréal apartment stove in six months.

Day 5: Badlands NP

An amazing drive through the Badlands National Park ended in a remote campsite shared with buffalo.

Day 3: High Cliff SP

A medium-successful immigration attempt, followed by a detour to the beautiful High Cliff State Park on the eastern shore of Lake Winnebago, WI. Rained like hell but enough dry time for Rupert to chase some wildlife.

Day 2: Sault Ste Marie

Our second day takes us 300 miles further west along the Ottawa River. Sault Ste. Marie is the border town: hopefully the USA immigration lines tomorrow will be shorter than in Tijuana.

Day 1: Renfrew, ON

A half-day drive to get the ball rolling, from Mile End to Renfrew, ON. We’re in our minicamperwagon, complete with bed, stove, cooler and curtains. Finished the day with a lake swim and campfire dinner.

Road Trip West

Our road trip back to LA starts today!

Decompression Part II

The last night of a great weekend in the Baja.

Decompression Part I

Thanks to the New Creatures family for some Baja R+R!


Thanks Doritos, Electronic Arts and New Creatures for a fantastic DTLA show at E3. Big shout out to DJ Jazzy Jeff for a great finale!

Degas @ MoMA

I’m in awe of Degas: in this case, capturing motion blur in monotype.

Duran Duran

So fantastic to see some of my teenage idols!

Road Trip Day 9: ON-QC

We finally made it to Montréal! Los Angeles, Tecopa, Cedar City, Bryce Canyon, Grand Junction, Denver, Omaha, Chicago, Ann Arbor, Niagara Falls and Toronto – we thank you for your en-route hospitality!

    Where is Durant Design located?

We’re based in Venice Beach, California; but our projects have taken place across the USA and further afield, to territories such as Canada, France, India, Japan, Mexico, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

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  Telephone: 323 527 0880

    How long have you been in operation?

Formerly known as Battlecruiser Inc, Durant Design was founded in 2010; and I have over twenty-five years experience in visual design.

    What does Durant Design do?

As a creative producer of live events such as tours, concerts, ceremonies, halftime shows and immersive experiences, I supervise the conception, design and production of video content, and its integration with scenography, camera and lighting. I help management, creative and technical services collaborate to create quality user experiences; within precise schedules and budgets; in custom venues and challenging locations.

    Who is Durant Design?

Durant Design consists of producer Timothy Durant, plus full-time and freelance staff as each project requires.

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